Ghouls and Gals of Jellyfish Pictures Get Spooky

Not that we’re extra at Jellyfish Pictures... but if there is even the tiniest excuse of dressing up, we’re going to pounce on it. As the spookiest day of the year descended on us, Jellfishers across all four studios crawled out from their corners of London and beyond dressed as their favourite chilling characters from the big and small screen.

IMG 20191031 105530

Alas the Oval studio weren’t so lucky. Even though they had the likes of Cheer Bear, the happy and perky Care Bear, a banana loving minion, Hawkins’ hardy Steve Harrington dressed in full Scoop Troop attire, Spider Man and Elastigirl – it was no match for Mr Trump and his rag tag team of misfits. He disbanded his malicious crew including Professor Pfooflepfeffer, a serial killer with a penchant for Corn Flakes – even Jack Torrence, who had travelled down with the Grady Daughters, splitting up at Stockell was wielding an axe and shouting something about someone called Johnny.


Over in Margaret Street, the VFX team were held up by Money Heist’s Tokio, only to be overthrown by Hermione Granger.

All in all a pretty eventful Halloween across Jellyfish Pictures. But now the day is over and the gouls and ghosts have retreated back to their holes and hide outs, things have returned to normal.