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For a good cause

In light of the devastating Australian bushfires still wreaking havoc across the continent, it was time to take some action at Jellyfish HQ last week... and what goes better with charity than cake?


Throughout our five studios, our team turned their talents away from the screen and to the kitchen to whip up some deliciousness for a bake sale. Our breakout areas were adorned with Nutella oozing crepes, vegan PBJ brownies, chocolate chip cookie cakes, homemade honey cupcakes, an array of cheesecakes, a special lemon and elderflower cake and beyond!


As well as selling mouth-watering treats, the team were in it to win it, throwing a nail-biting raffle with prizes donated by a friendly Hollywood studio. Of course, we’re all gracious winners and there were absolutely no sore losers in the studio - we’re DEFINITELY not looking at you Director of Operations, Mr Bristowe!

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And it’s not just monetary donations we were after. Krissy Josephides, 3D Animator based in our Oval studio, has been busy making pouches for orphaned Joeys who have lost their parents due to the fires, with Jellyfishers donating unwanted fabric materials to help her with her creations.


Amongst all the fun, was the reason behind it all. As of today, New South Wales has been hit the hardest with 69 fires still ablaze, so all money raised went to The New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

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The facts are staggering. The fires have affected more than 6 million hectares, forcing thousands to evacuate and the loss of an estimated 1 billion animals. The crisis affecting Australia, renowned for its unique mix of animal species and vast landscapes is one that cannot be ignored. If you would like to donate, below are a few ways to do so.

GIVIT - Goods For Good Causes are coordinating donations and goods for Queenslanders affected by the fires:

Australian Red Cross has also launched an appeal:

Donate or support a wildlife rescue group such as the Animal Rescue Collective:

Donate to our chosen charity NSW Rural Fire Service to support the fire brigades of New South Wales: