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First Jellyfisher(s) of the Month!

For the first Jellyfisher of the Month (JOTM) in 2021 sees another first with the never before seen double-win for CFX Artist’s Wayde Duncan-Smith and Burns Eiser. Having both been nominated anonymously by a fellow Jellyfisher. Wayde and Burns were included in the JFOM nominations pot for not only making a great setup for other FX artists, but also for working incredibly hard on their shots and making beautiful work.

Congratulations to Wayde and Burns who are currently finishing up the FX’s in our animated feature film with DreamWorks Animation. Both Wayde and Burns were awarded with their efforts from Jellyfish with a voucher to spend on a retailer!

Screenshot 2021 02 12 103510
Screenshot 2021 02 12 103448
(Left: Burns Eiser Right: Wayde Duncan-Smith)

Also, extended congratulations go to all our other nominees, who have excelled this month: Connie Kucani, Hollie Bell, Izzy Genova, Jean Claude, Jordan Nichols, Kaila-Jay Williams, Kieran Wilkinson, Lucas Pozzey, Mark Ludford, Miguel Cogoludo, Nathalie Le Berre, Para Kawa, Rob Stipp, Robert Chapman, Roxanne Sibiliski, Shannyn Zorab, Stefania Luise, Tom Feist-Wilson, Eva Kilikitas, and Ubi Boni