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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! becomes the top show on CBBC in its first week

Jellyfish Pictures developed Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed! with the BBC and Beano Studios, originating the fresh 3D incarnation of the beloved characters and bringing it to life with stylish animation, snappy edits and impressive visuals that introduce a new generation to the mischief and fun of Dennis and Gnasher. The show has become the highest rated show on CBBC in its first week, and a news report about the ratings success and enormous appeal of the show went live on The Guardian website on 3 Dec, 2017.

Rob Walker from The Guardian explains in the piece: “Dennis the Menace, synonymous with childhood mischief and rebellion for more than half a century, is undergoing a multimillion-pound makeover as the Beano battles to stay relevant with the click and swipe generation.

Viewing data this week will show the cartoon series Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed has become the top show on the BBC’s children’s channel CBBC in its first week, and the 10th most-watched programme in the country among children aged six to 12, alongside The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.”

The news about the show’s success and excellent ratings first featured in the print version of the Sunday Observer on page 3, before being featured on The Guardian website.

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