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Day in the Life of Zoe Lane, Modeller

A special ‘Day in the Life of’ episode to represent the women of our industry for International Women’s Day, this Sunday. Zoe Lane began her journey into the world of VFX and Animation after completing a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Animation. After her studies, she completed various freelance jobs in animation and landed her first-ever job as a Modeller at Jellyfish Pictures, 3 years on she hasn’t looked back.

CG Zoe Lane 3 D Generalist

In this episode Zoe shares her typical working day of checking feedback in the morning to getting to work on her favourite part of the job, modelling characters. Find out what Modelling can entail and the characteristics she thinks can set you aside from the rest. Zoe also gives her best advice to aspiring modellers to take constructive criticism and to always use reference.