Dave Cook speaks at VFX Festival EDU on the Visual Development of Captive State

Every year Escape Studios hosts the VFX, Games and Animation Festival and this year we were kindly asked to present at Holborn for The VFX Festival Edu on June the 4th. The VFX Festival EDU opens its doors to school and college students to hear from creative industry speakers and to take part in workshops and panel discussions.

This year, Dave Cook our Head of 3D took part in the festival with an exciting talk on our visual development and VFX work in Captive State, the feature film which we joined in the early stages of production. Dave Cook took the students on a dark journey, setting the scene of a dystopian Chicago town, sharing with the audience the references we used to inspire the looming and unnerving ships. Dave gave insight to the audience of the visual development behind our concept ideas for the aliens, drones, and ships as well as the final VFX we produced to keep to the Director, Rupert Wyatt’s vision. The talk finished with Dave presenting our Captive State VFX Breakdown, which gave a very gripping representation of the VFX process to the students.

The talk was a great success and the event continued throughout the week with more creative industry speakers giving insightful talks and offering fantastic opportunities for students to network with artists and recruiters. We always look forward to the annual event and are even more excited for 2020!