Connie's Day in the Life in Animation

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Jellyfish Pictures is shining a spotlight on the Jellyfish women in VFX and Animation. This ‘Day in the Life of’ episode features Connie Kucani, Production Coordinator. Connie is currently helping the team on an animation mini-series in our Brixton, London studio.

Originally from Austria, Connie shares how the animation scene in her home country isn’t well known but was an industry she always aspired to work in. Beginning her career in Journalism, she eventually landed a job in an Austrian animation studio working her way up to be a Production Coordinator. Soon after that she then started her dream job at Jellyfish Pictures.

Connie Kucani, Production Coordinator for animation and VFX Jellyfish Pictures
I think the company culture here is great. I really enjoy the fusion of talented people from Britain but also people from all over the world. They all come together and create these amazing storytelling experiences.
Connie Kucani, Production Coordinator

Watch the video interview below to hear Connie speak on what keeps her motivated from the pinch-me moments to her passion for animation. Hear how she enjoys working with talented artists from different cultures across the globe who come together to create beautifully crafted stories.