Jellyfish talent 139

Celebrating our lockdown Jellyfisher's of the Month

Although we’ve been out of the office, business has remained as usual, and this includes our monthly Jellyfisher of the Month. We’ve had to slightly adjust the way we announce our winners, as we can no longer award the winners in person. Instead, our PR team have been filming themselves reading-out all the nominees and the reasons for why they are just so fabulous.

Jellyfish talent 139

So here goes, March’s Jellyfish of the Month was awarded to the second time winner, Suthan Vasanthan, Senior Support Specialist. It’s safe to say we all owe many thanks to Suthan this month for the sheer determination of moving everyone home to work. Round of applause and bows!

Jellyfish talent 247

April’s winner went to recently promoted Tom Feist-Wilson, Head of Pipeline. Tom was awarded the Jellyfisher of the Month for being a great leader in the Pipeline team, keeping level headed and an all-round good egg. Well done Tom!

Sharuddin Rosunally Bidding Producer The Edge 1

May’s Jellyfisher of the Month went to the smiley Sharuddin Rosunally, Bidding Producer. Sharuddin was nominated for being a friendly colleague, super organised, and for being significant in bringing some exciting new projects to Jellyfish Pictures.

Jellyfish talent 220

For the month of June, we head to our incredible Art Department, as Storyboard Artist, Morten Krebs was chosen as the winner. Morten was nominated for his exemplary work in the current Visual Development project our busy-bods in the Art Department are working on. Congratulations Morten!

The latest winner for July went to the wonderful and one-of-a-kind Naima Sennah. Naima Sennah recently moved from the HR team to begin her journey as Production Assistant. Naima has been stellar in adapting to her new role with ease and is always eager to learn, patient and kind.