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Celebrating our latest Jellyfishers of the Month

At Jellyfish Pictures, we award an employee with a Jellyfisher of the Month award each month to show our appreciation. Here's our latest superstar Jellyfishers who went above and beyond in July, August and September.

Marco Parisi, Pipeline TD achieved the Jellyfish of the Month award this July, his excellent attitude and enthusiasm in ensuring a smooth running for the entire team has been recognised. Marco started in May and has made a great impression amongst the team, having been awarded the certificate two months into his role, he has been a great addition to Jellyfish Pictures.

Marco july2

Tom Feist-Wilson has given an exceptional effort throughout his time on the Pipeline, particularly in the month of July in ensuring Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed 2 data was transferred correctly. The team recognised it as the most complicated job Pipeline has ever taken on, and to congratulate Tom in his extra commitment and calm attitude he has been awarded with July's Jellyfisher of the Month.

Tom august

September saw the ever helpful and positive Luke Tucker pick up a Jellyfish of the Month award. With his always happy to help work ethic, it has definitely been recognised and appreciated by his team and more. Taking on additional responsibilities and being an outstanding firewarden and awesome Mental Health Champion, he is a great asset to the team!

Luke september