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Celebrating 2019 - Looking Back on the year

It goes without saying 2019 has been quite the year for Jellyfish Pictures. A year of firsts and rejuvenation.

We kicked off the year breaking through the barriers of London, opening a studio in Sheffield. Utilising the same technology used to set up our Oval studios three years prior, Jellyfish Pictures went to where the talent is, ecstatic to have Kevin Spruce heading up the studio.

Cooper Building 2

A few months later saw us say goodbye to the brand we had known for the past 18 years and welcome in a new fresh look; one that captivates Jellyfish Pictures’ outlook for connectivity, collaboration and innovation. The new brand was launched with our future in sight and is the embodiment of the care, innovation and tenacity it has taken to achieve our goals.

IMG 5151

The next big step that came in the year was the opening of our new studio. With the company expanding by nearly 40%, the new Jellyfish HQ welcomed nearly 200 staff (and ten Jellyfish). Having moved completely out of our Soho office, but still with our other South London and Sheffield studios operating, our staff numbers have been bolstered to over 300 and what a HQ we have to call home.

Along with the move, we continued to pioneer virtual workstations becoming the World’s largest VFX and Animation facility working in a completely PCoIP world.

IMG 7664

So, we obviously had a lot to celebrate when considering our Christmas festivities. Staff, clients and friends of Jellyfish, who have been on this journey with us, all gathered in the heart of Brixton. Dancing, cocktails and a lot of singing filled the air, with renditions of Like a Virgin and Don’t Stop Me Now among the favourites sung by our lovely and totally in tune Jellyfishers.

With a year of hard work, love and achievement celebrated, we’re ready to take on what 2020 has to throw at us, and we can’t wait!

Matt Bristowe Singing
Photo booth 1
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