Black Lives Matter

The world is beginning to wake up and face up to the realities of systemic, institutional and casual racism and it is a wakeup call we all need to listen to and act on. The recent issues have brought to light many inequalities people of colour face on a daily basis. At Jellyfish Pictures we are committed to being fully engaged, aware, and proactive in addressing these issues against race that sadly are engrained deep in our society. It is only with constant engagement and education that we can make a positive and active change, and there is always more work we can do. As a company, we hold the power to make a small change within our industry, by ensuring we push past comfort zones, engage with BAME communities online and offline, and continue to educate ourselves and our employees to be progressive.

It is not unknown that the VFX and Animation industry has, for many years, been dominated by white, male, and middle-class people. The reasons for this are vast and unjust, the lack of opportunities and inequalities has meant, diversity within the industry is rarely seen and people joining from BAME and disadvantaged backgrounds are left underrepresented.

We have work to do, to disrupt this. Being based in Brixton, we have even more of a responsibility to ensure we work with the local population of which the majority are from a BAME background. We want Jellyfish Pictures to enable viable opportunities for all, whatever your background. We want Jellyfish Pictures to represent Brixton and be a role model in our industry for an equal and diverse workforce.

Ty mural Aug20 CROP IMG 4423 1200px
A stunning new mural has been unveiled in Valentia Place, Brixton celebrating the local hero and UK Hip-hop artist Ty, who tragically passed away in May due to complications related to COVID-19.

There are a number of initiatives we are already taking part in. YOLO (Youth Opportunity Lambeth), inviting young people between the ages of 13 – 16 who don’t have a clear higher educational path into the studio, raising awareness of our industry and educating them on career pathways.

We have taken part with events locally led by UK Black Tech and We are Stripes, again to raise awareness of the industry and routes to entry as well as providing careers advice to those who are finding it difficult to find a start in this area.

We Rise Brixton- supporting BAME women, in particular, this year –- for mentoring, support, feedback on work and general guidance on careers and improving confidence to take a step into the industry.

Ebony Stables – At the start of this year, we initiated a partnership with local charity Ebony, who support children from underrepresented groups and are doing amazing work in a very deprived area of Brixton.

We are in talks with a local apprenticeship scheme and the Lambeth Project, which sees local companies hiring local people for jobs in IT and business areas.

This is just the start for Jellyfish, and we commit to being better. Everyday.