BBC interviews Animator on Working From Home

BBC interviews Ere Santos, a Senior Animator currently working with us on a feature animation with a major Hollywood animation studio. Ere took on the challenge of not only joining a new company but joining us during a pandemic without physically meeting his team and animating the feature film from his flat in London. The BBC reporter, Nell Mackenzie investigates how Ere is coping with the new way of working and how our studio has adapted to the change.

Industries and employees all over the globe have had to adjust to the new way of working, which as BBC suggest is more than just emailing from home for the animation industry. Ere explains on a usual day between two animators' huge data files are shared and they rely heavily on in-person collaboration to create a scene of animation. Typically, in the animation industry you would animate a character in one scene, whilst your desk buddy would be working on another character in the same scene.

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Now, with some of Ere’s teammates thousands of miles apart, we have had to ensure distance has no effect on productivity or communication. Although it's been a complete shift from the norm, Ere lets BBC know his team has still maintained its connection by keeping in touch, via Microsoft Teams. Our artists can share their screens to take notes from their supervisors and the client as if they were in the studio.

All of this was possible because of our already implemented IT infrastructure being housed in a centrally based co-location. For our UK and European based artists, their workstations are virtualised through Teradici’s remote visualisation solution. Our global artists utilise Azure’s hubs, which are all over the world and connect back to the Jellyfish Pictures’ tier one data centre in the UK. Thanks to our IT infrastructure we were able to move our staff to work from home with relative ease.

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