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Award Winning Studio

The biggest of congratulations go to team Jellyfish Pictures and our partners in helping us win a Broadcast Tech Innovation Award for the Excellence in Virtualisation category for our Co-Location project. Thanks to our amazing talent and wonderful partners Pixit Media, Teradici, Microsoft Azure and ERA London for their pioneering technology enabling remote collaboration and flexible working practices. Not forgetting our two nominations in Best VFX Project for Neanderthal and The Innocents in the Creative Excellence category.

Phil Luke2

We were well and truly in the celebratory mood for our three nominations; we headed to the venue, dressed to impress paired with a big Jellyfish grin throughout the night. We eagerly awaited the results for both our nominated categories, and the whole team were overjoyed with the win.

Jeremy Win2

Not to be mistaken for the next 007, CTO, Jeremy Smith suited and booted accepted the award accompanied with a very big smile and legendary fist-bump. We couldn’t let the celebrations end until every Jellyfish member and partner got a picture with the Broadcast Tech Innovation award.