Animation Studio of the future with CGTN

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, CGTN visits the now quiet, Jellyfish Pictures HQ in Brixton for their latest episode of Notes on a Pandemic. With workspaces empty due to large parts of Europe’s labour force having moved to remote working, many businesses are now re-examining the need for keeping a physical space. Jellyfish Pictures’ CEO, Phil Dobree shares his view on the future of our studios and what our studios mean for us.

Our Edge studio in Brixton opened its doors last December with a 350-seat capacity for our talent to collaborate together with communal break-out spaces, seven meeting rooms and a real-life Jellyfish tank. Three months later the UK announced its lockdown and we sent all our artists home, closing the doors to all 5 of our studios. Now walking through The Edge studio with CGTN, the sight is a far cry from the studio that once was full of life.

Jellyfish talent senior 018

Phil voices to CGTN that although the move to remote working has been successful, our studio is the Jellyfish home and some qualities of working in a studio together are irreplaceable. We are proud of our talent for what we have achieved during the pandemic and see the benefits of remote working in the future. But we believe it is vital to have a hub, as it is the heart of Jellyfish Pictures.

With the positive outlook from Phil that “things are going to get better” and the UK restrictions being imposed since March, the return of our talent is now looking to be viable. We will keep following the government guidance and maintain the safety of our talent at all times. The pandemic has proven that the future of our office is flexible and we are excited to welcome back artists who are missing their second home.

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