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Animation post-pandemic with BBC Radio 4

Addressing the nation this morning on BBC Radio 4’s The Today Show, CEO Phil Dobree, spoke with Justin Webb on the benefits of remote working and what our plans are post-pandemic.

Following government guidance, all our staff have been working from home since before the UK lockdown was announced. Now, nearly four months in, businesses across the globe have proved they can work from home, but we would be remiss to say, that certain benefits of face-to-face working offer are missed.

Sharing with the Radio 4 listeners, Phil cites the pros and cons of remote working. Whilst as a company we have seen no loss in productivity, thanks to innovative technology and an agile team who quickly adapted to this new way of working, one can not ignore the negative effects working full time from home potentially has on mental health, creativity, and wellbeing. Not everyone has the luxury of a home office, instead working from bedrooms or in cramped shared housing.

Phil Dobree Jellyfish CEO

When asked whether we will be returning to the same office environment our staff experienced pre-Covid, the answer was no. Whilst we believe the studio will always be the beating heart of Jellyfish Pictures, where creativity can thrive, this pandemic has proven that we can efficiently work from home, and therefore offer the best of both worlds. Post-pandemic, the studio will be operating with a blended approach, providing our staff with the choice of flexible working and the opportunity to reap the benefits of both.

Although planning for the future is never easy or certain, as the pandemic has proven, it was a great opportunity for Phil to voice our plans on a national level. Putting our staff's health first at every decision we make.