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Animation during Coronavirus on Channel 5

On 2nd April, Jellyfish CEO, Phil Dobree spoke with Channel 5 news on the effects covid-19 is having on the UK animation industry. The segment looked at the creative industries as a whole, which obviously has seen catastrophic ripples, especially in the live events and museum spaces.

However, as Phil mentions in his interview, animation could be what helps the UK creative industries to whether the storm during these testing times. With the TV and Film industry being put on hold due to delayed and cancelled shoots, the UK’s live action original content has come to a halt, affecting many individuals in the process. So how then do we continue to thrive?

Using Jellyfish as an example, we have been able to continue to work on all our animation projects, with minimal disruption, with artists from home. From feature film, to animated kids’ series to a high-end short, we are delivering on time, and in some instances, more productive than when in the studio. So then, could we see a boom in animation as broadcasters are urged to create original content? Only time will tell. This is a time for us all to come together and ensure we keep the UK industry alive and animation is in a good place to be that key.