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Jellyfish Pictures at 20 - A Walk Down Memory Lane With Darren Millstone

Continuing to celebrate 20 years of Jellyfish Pictures, we spoke to Darren who has been returning to work with the company since 2016...

What is your role at Jellyfish Pictures?

Animation and VFX Editor

How long have you worked at Jellyfish?

Two weeks! But this is my third stint at Jellyfish. I've been working here on and off since 2016. I can never keep away for long!

What makes you love working at Jellyfish?

The people. Jellyfish have an incredible knack of employing the nicest people! From the very first day I began working here, it has felt like home. They have continually done everything they can to look after me.

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What is your favourite Jellyfish memory?

Going to the Ritzy cinema in Brixton to watch some episodes of the shows (Bitz & Bob/Dennis and Gnasher: Unleased!/Floogals) Jellyfish were making at the time, on the big screen!

What makes you excited about Jellyfish's future?

The amount of incredible projects coming up is super exciting, especially the two series for Netflix. I've never made a series for Netflix before, so that'll be a fun, new experience.

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What has been the standout project for you during your time here?

Bitz & Bob. I came to Jellyfish thanks to a recommendation from an incredible director, Kitty Taylor, who had recently started here herself. It was so much fun getting to work with her (for the second time) and create a brand new series together.

What do you like about working in our Brixton office, The Edge?

Hot chocolates from the coffee machine! Pre-pandemic, I was a little more obsessed with them than I care to admit.

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Thanks Darren!