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JELLYFISH PICTURES AT 20 - A Walk Down Memory Lane with Amber Ducker

As we near the end of our 20th Birthday, we asked some questions to someone who has been a part of the Jellyfish team for a large part of this time. Amber gives us some company highlights and tells us what it was like to return to Jellyfish after working elsewhere...

What is your Jellyfisher role?

Head of VFX Production

When did you join Jellyfish and how has it changed in that time?

I originally joined in 2013 where we were one studio of around 35 people in Fitzrovia. I left in 2017 to join Framestore TV and then came back to Jellyfish in 2019. The company had grown significantly with hundreds of crew on board not just in the UK but globally too.

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What are your top three projects you’ve worked on whilst at Jellyfish and why?

Bitz & Bob CBBC pilot (2015) – It was great fun to be part of bringing the concept and ideas to life in this pilot which then got commissioned into a series.

Black Mirror Hated in The Nation (2016) – Working with Charlie Brooker and the guys at painting practice was amazing. The killer bees were challenging but I think it’s a really cool episode and our work really stands out.

Rogue One (2016) – It was an honour to be part of the Star Wars family on this. Every week we would go to the ILM screening room and watch our shots on the big screen which felt pretty special.

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Jellyfish Pictures Portfolio Black Mirror 01

What makes you love working at Jellyfish?

The people and the culture! Although Jellyfish is now a lot bigger than when I first started, it has kept that small, honest, family feel which is really important to me.

What’s your favourite Jellyfish memory?

There’s so many! I do miss all of the Friday Soho pub lunches from when we were in Fitzrovia 😊 . On a more professional level, going to New York to pick up an Emmy for ‘Your Inner Fish’ was pretty unforgettable!

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EMMY win