Dubai Ports World

Shipping containers are the secret arteries of international trade. Most of the products we buy, the materials we use and the food we eat have, at some point, made a journey in one of them. Dubai Ports World oversee the safe passage of shipping containers all over the world and they commissioned an ambitious brand film to explain their business. The film’s purpose was simple: To take the viewer into the secret world inside shipping containers and the ever-changing contents that they carry.

In collaboration with the film’s director, Nick Bye, we developed the concept of projection mapping graphics onto the surface of a stack of shipping containers, revealing their ever-changing contents in a complex ballet of dynamic motion.

Like a CGI Rubick’s cube, the shipping containers shift, flip and rotate, constantly revealing new contents. We see 3D drones, ships, houses, vehicles, cities and over 30 live action characters, all integrated into highly complex 3D set-up.

Jellyfish creatively directed the animation, storyboarded and supervised the extensive green screen shoot and executed every element of the final piece.

The final, 4K film made a very fitting debut at a DPW event in Dubai’s port, where it was project on a huge wall of shipping containers.









The Edge Picture Company
Dubai Ports World


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