Deloitte – One Million Futures

We were delighted when Deloitte commissioned us to make a short film to mark the launch of their project ‘One Million Futures.’ Focused on charities, social enterprise and humanitarian work, the project offers a helping hand to people in need all over Britain.

To explain their project, Deloitte wanted to use one of the earliest and most magical pieces of animation equipment: a zoetrope.

Pre-dating film, zoetropes are mechanical devices that, when spun, create simple animated loops. Jellyfish directed the piece and our first task was to work out how to recreate an authentic feeling zoetrope and how to use its archaic technology to tell Deloitte’s story.

Building a real zoetrope wasn’t an option, so our talented motion graphics team designed and built a stunning, multi-tiered, CGI zoetrope, featuring hundreds of individually animated characters. Lavishly detailed, the model feels like a real, hand-made device, complete with folds in the cardboard, tiny misalignments and motes of dust.

Choreographing the action in a multi-layered zoetrope is both creatively and technically challenging, so we rigorously storyboarded the film. After several iterations of the animatic, we reached a visual sequence that flowed elegantly upwards, becoming progressively more impressive through each layer of the device. Once the shots were locked, the film was lit, textured and rendered with the latest GPU technology, giving the images a rich, optical gloss.

The final result is a beautiful, whimsical film that poetically describes the ‘One Million Futures’ project.









Deloitte / The Edge Picture Company


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