Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella names Jellyfish in Ignite Keynote

We were very excited to be name checked and recognised for our innovative work in the cloud by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Satya is regarded as a true innovator and inspirational leader of Microsoft and for us to be recognised as helping to push the Azure cloud technology that Microsoft have been developing is great acknowledgement.

Jellyfish CTO Jeremy Smith has been working hard to develop our cloud technology over the past three years and we are now in a position through our render service RenderWise to push infinite amounts of render into the cloud in a truly hybrid way. We are also able to set up infinite VM (virtual machines) in the cloud using the same tech. Jellyfish open a new office at the Oval, South Loondon, in November 2016 in a completely virtualised environment. The first animation and VFX office to do this in the UK.

This is an extract from Satya’s speech:

“But the most fascinating thing for me is how we’re able to support, in Azure, the CPU compute fabric at scale and having the scale of CPUs, but the ability for developers to use any framework for creating AI — Café, Torch or CNTK, which is where we’re innovating in building one of the best-in-class frameworks for creating intelligence.

But it’s not just limited to CPUs.  We now have the best-in-class GPU virtual machine support in Azure.  You already see developers like JellyFish using it for computational rendering.  Virginia Tech using it for genome sequencing.”

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